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Special Award Winners

(This list does not contain the names of those who did not grant us permission to publish their name.)

Alstede Farms Agricultural Achievement, sponsored by Alstede Farms & the Alstede Family

Alessandra DaSilva              Time to Water

Riya Atluri                             Plantbucks


Bayer Science For a Better Life, sponsored by Bayer Corp.

Ella Garrison                 Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz. What a Relief it Is!

Josh Suzuki & Tommy Finn Billek    Do People Have a Dominant Side of their Brain?

Sofia-Marie Cifuentes & Jessica Pappas  UV Light and Bacteria

Anna Garrison   Brain Boosting Berocca

Sydney Pappas  Restriction Enzyme Analysis of Plasmid DNA


Chandler Engineering Design Award, sponsored by Chandler Engineering

Matthew McAvinn   Hover Balloon

Thomas Goydan  Polar Processors: Water or air cooling?

Ben Suzuki  How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float?

Daniel DaSilva  Ball Balancing Bot


Chemistry & Physics, sponsored by The Education Foundation of the Chesters

Benjamin Conover   Electric Produce

Alexandra Pallis   Juicy Spheres

Justice Hanson  What is the effect of pH on photo-oxidation

Harrison & Andrew Tomasco  Orange you interested in the varying amounts of vitamin C?


Environmental Award,  sponsored by The Chester Environmental Commission

Abigail Conover  Acid Rain and Corrosion

Maya Vinu & Ava Roman  A battery that makes cents

Sophie Meseck  A nature-friendly wind powered car

Katie Fisher What is the effect of acid rain on the weight and durability of building materials?

Mira Forlenza & Mackenzie Teasdale Vernal Pond Pollution


Food Science Award, sponsored by Montclair State University

Courney Capuzzi Test the Taste

Ryan Alessi, Cole Conlan, & Harrison Monrow  Electrolyte Challenge

Harper Nagy How important is baking powder when baking cupcakes?

Olivia Uribe & Kalista Papadopoulos  Sugar, accept no substitute!

Meredith Hoye  Pop, Pop, Pop: What Method Popping Popcorn is Most effective

Nicholas & Benjamin Moschella Cookie Ingredients

Hannah McGinniss & Gretchen Higgins Taste & See

Elizabeth Hoye & Maddie Adinolfi Pastabilities: Effect of Water on Pasta

Arya Gorti Kesanakurthy Pectinase and Apple Juice

Anna Kondratowicz & Vincent DeLuca Growing Gummies

Claire Collins Sweet Water Rising

Braylon Neff  Melting Madness


Forensic Science Award, sponsored by Chester Police Department

Charlotte Porter Splatter Up

Riley Reardon & Sienna Laracca Forensic Files

Declan Mulligan Caught Red Handed


Nature, Garden & Ecology Award, Schiff Nature Preserve

Zachary Khair Does Temperature help Sunflowers to grow?

Reese Goldschmidt & Vivian Halady Colorful Flowers and Stem System

Mark & Christopher Cho Exploring Phototropism


Nursing Science Award, sponsored by NJ State Nurses' Assoc., Region 1

Chelsea Pappas Is the risk of developing diabetes associated with genetic geography?

Kieran Surve Worrying Water

Gretchen Tresselt  No Sugar, No Problem

Ryan & Megan Turner We've got the beat:  Music's effect on heartrate

Elizabeth Hamilton & Mary Barcelona Is a dog's mouth actually cleaner than a human's?

Aylilah McConnell & Lily Dressel The effects of ultraviolet radiation on yeast


Psychology Award, sponsored Susan Neigher, Ph.D. Yvonne Hanson, PhD, and Heather Watson-Perez, PhD

Asher Surve Is my brother annoying?

Juliette Hyde & Lucy O'Brien Too stressed or not too stressed, that is the question

Olivia Piacenti Risky Business

Shea Lowry Investigating the Stroop Effect

Mark Gyselman Do sensory bottles calm you down?

Casey McCarthy Music to your mind


Veterinary Award, Christina Wilson, DVM

Christopher Lohrmann Musical Pets

Sophia Kissling Guinea Pig Playground

Owen Austin & Calyb Craig Do dogs have a color preference?

Caroline Ziegler & Olivia Fergus  Woof! Bark! Boom!


Life of Science Award  These students have participated in every Science Fair from 1st grade to 8th grade!  (some even did a project in Kindergarten, too!)

Emilia Chandler

Jared Cooper

Luca Cresti

Natalia Cresti

Claire Kurisko

Maggie Lee

Casey McCarthy

Blake Stevens


DaVinci Awards for outstanding creativity & effort

Ryan Alessi, Cole Conlan, Harrison Monroe               Electrolyte Challenge  

Chelsea Pappas Is the risk of developing diabetes associated with genetic geography?

Jack Gyselman How does smell affect taste?

Jodie Epstein Marty's Battle with Cancer

Eric Falzarano Who stole the cookie?

Elinor Hughes & Claire Kurisko Squiggly Wigglies


SSP Broadcom MASTERS Nominees  These students have been nominated to apply for the SSP Broadcom MASTERS Science Competition

Their projects scored in the top 10% of the aggregate of 6th, 7th, & 8th grade projects.

Hana Bhatti

Jessica Curl

Mira Forlenza

Thomas Goydan

Juliette Hyde

Anthony Levine

Declan Mulligan

Lucy O'Brien

Alexandra Pallis

Sydney Pappas

Mackenzie Teasdale

Andrew Tomasco

Harrison Tomasco


 (This list does not contain the names of those who did not grant us permission to publish their name.  Parents can email us at to grant permission.)